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September 11, 2021

Be like Welles

9/11 20th Anniversary


Welles Remy Crowther

When Welles was 6-years old his father gave him a white pocket square and a red one to blow his nose. Welles carried it everywhere, wearing one under all his sports uniforms at high school. His father was a volunteer firefighter and welles followed in his footsteps, becoming a junior member of the Empire Hook and Ladder Company
Welles red bandana became his signature trademark and he continued to wear it under his lacrosse uniform throughout his career at BC. Graduating with honors with a degree in economics in 1999. Welles was active with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a Boston College program that worked with underprivileged youngsters in the Boston area
After graduation Welles moved to NYC and joined Sandler O’Neill & Partners, working first in research and then as an equitites trader adter earning his Series 7 license. He was working at 2 World Trade Center, 104th floor, NYC, on Sept. 11, 2001, when United Airlines Flifht 175 hit the building. Despite the chaos Welles calls his mother and leaves a voicemail at 9:12am, “Mom, this is Welles. I want you to know that I’, OK.”
Eyewitnesses reported that after the plane had hit the Sky Lobby, a young man suddenly appeared in a white t-shirt and wearing a red bandana over his mouth and nose. He proceeded to direct injured victims to the only operation stairwell saving thir lives. He carried a woman down to the 61st floor and then returned to the 78th floor to rescue more- turning back and going uop once again to bring down a second group of survivors
Wlle’s final hour remained a mistery until an article about September 11th printed in The New York Times (5/26/02) mentioned eyewitness reports of a mysterious man in a red bandanna on the 78th floor Sky Lobby of 2 World Trade Center when the second plane crashed into the south towe Crowther’s remains were recovered on March 19, 2002
Annual Welles Crowther Red Bandanna 5k
2.2 mile, record breaking chain of red bandanas in honor of Welles Crowthers. Roughly 100 volunteers worked with Alison and Jeff Crowther to break this world record
Boston College Football Red Bandana Game


This Year 911 Took on a New Meaning
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